Work & Life Skills Training
Mercer County Opportunity Industries provides clients various methods of Work and Life Training to personalize each program to the client's particular Needs and Goals. From the initial contact to the last day of provided services, MCOI utilizes proven methods and programs to maximize results.

  Below is the list of stages the client will go through to achieve their goals with MCOI.

Helping others to help themselvesHelping others to help themselves
Assessment ASSESSMENT: Upon referral from the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services (WVDRS), MCOI and the client go through the process of deciding if MCOI is the correct location to achieve their goals.  A tour of the facilities is given and a skills assess-ment is scheduled. The Daniel Memorial Independent Living Skills Assessment is utilized to gain better understanding of the client's abilities and understanding of 16 categories.  Work/Life Skills counselors give the assessment in the form of an oral exam.
Goals GOAL REFINEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT: A system of Community Based Assessments (CBA) are tried to help clients clarify a Vocational Goal. Simply, MCOI allows clients to watch and/or try desired career paths and gain more understanding about what is involved. Through these CBA's, the WVDRS can write a desirable and reachable Vocational Goal to complete.

Life Skills WORK/LIFE SKILLS TRAINING: Upon completion of a Vocational Goal, MCOI will personalize a plan for the client to better prepare or qualify him/her for their desired career. This may involve Daniel Memorial Independent Living Skills Class to better prepare the client to understand and interact in community on an appropriate level. Based on the results of the initial assessment, each client can address areas of weakness to assure personal success. Work Adjustment is also utilized to update or expand existing work skills to fit a new career path.
Job Placement JOB DEVELOPMENT/PLACEMENT: Once a client is prepared to find steady employment, MCOI guides the process to find, apply, and obtain the right workplace for each client. This may include interview preparation, want ads or leads, or other preparations such as uniforms, equipment, ect.
Job Coaching JOB COACHING: Once employed, MCOI can offer coaching assistance for the duration of orientation phase. A one-on-one Job Coach learns and participates alongside the client to guarantee quick and accurate understanding of all job related issues that may arise.
Driver's Education DRIVER'S EDUCATION: Training to pass both the written and practical exams. Includes one-on-one tutoring to understand theory addressed in written exam and supervised in-car driving to master technique.
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