Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mercer County Opportunity Industries (MCOI)?

A Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) for individuals with disabilities that are seeking competitive employment. The job seeker is referred to MCOI from West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services. 

Who Does MCOI Serve?

We proudly serve the southern end of West Virginia and into Virginia; counties include but not limited to Mercer, Monroe, McDowell, Summers, Greenbrier, Raleigh, and Tazewell. Our clients are individuals with disabilities that have barriers to employment. Age range is high school to adult population. 

Who is financially responsible, in the event of an unforeseen event?

Prior to providing work training, MCOI establishes a Trial Work Contract (TWC), with the employer. As stated on the TWC job seeker's workers compensation is covered by West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services. MCOI staff is covered under MCOI. The employer will not be held liable for any accident, injury, or other unforeseen event involving the job seeker or job coach.

How is our company free from all labor costs?

Job seekers are in work training situations. Which means the employer is never responsible for paying the work performed by job seeker and MCOI staff. Trial Work Contract confirms this as well. 

What if our company would decide to terminate the Trial Work Contract agreement?

MCOI appreciates the employer's willingness to join us in our mission; however, if for any reason an employer decides to withdraw from the TWC it is at  the business' discretion to end participation, with or without due cause. 

Can you hire a job seeker from MCOI program?

Yes, if you show interest in hiring a job seeker MCOI will facilitate the opportunity. The initial goal of MCOI's CRP services is to assess and/or train the individual to reach the goal of employment. It is our duty to ensure that the individual has attained the full benefits of CRP services before being placed in the workforce.